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Cyricept Solutions helps you protect people, property and information

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Whether you are trying to maintain the integrity of your health, security, or information, we have you covered. Our personalized solutions are custom tailored for your needs.

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    Predictive Health Monitoring

    WellMe provides you with preventative healthcare that will keep you out of the hospital and away from the doctor. Our predictive health analysis tools can prevent up to 90% of cases of chronic disease in individuals over the age of 40, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. We prevent chronic diseases before they happen, because we believe that the best treatment is prevention

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    Data Export

    Being able to store your medical history, and bring your data to medical pratitioners cuts down on patient wait time, and improves your standard of care. Why wait a month to get tests and another to see a specialist when you can get a referral straight away?

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    Health Alert System

    Not everyone has the privilege of time to measure every aspect of their diet and physiology, that’s where we come in! We alert you when you are becoming at risk for disease, and provide the necessary solutions from medical practitioners to optimize your health in a simple and straightforward way.

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    Home Automation

    Convenience and safety. Want to turn on your garage light coming home late at night? Want to turn it on while you’re out of the country late at night? Being able to operate your house by voice, phone, or remote can contribute to your safety, and retaining your independence. We can help with that.

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    Home Security

    Seeing is believing. If you’re tired of alarms going off accidentally, while professional criminals easily bypass traditional systems, day/night vision security cameras with motion detection and facial recognition software may be the solution for you. Be alerted by an unfamiliar face on your property, while your loved ones don’t trigger your phone alert.

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    Smart Sensors

    Property damage by natrual/human disaster is an increasingly common issue in houses and condominiums, with decreasing insurance coverage. Our system includes Water Leak, Smoke, CO2, and Carbon Monoxide Detector which alert you by phone when a water leak is detected, and automatically shut off your water so that you are not left liable for your neighbours property damage.

Home Automation

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"I feel so much safer at home!"

"It makes my life so much easier, I can do everything by voice!"

"This is exactly what I need to take care of my mother."

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